Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Flats

I am definitely not the type of person to wear flats...but I also know that I can't walk around the city all day in heels. So now that the temperature is starting to warm up and boots are becoming too hot to wear I've decided that I needed to buy some flats. I found two cute pairs of flats to try on at Nordstrom, but they were so uncomfortable. I asked the salesman for some more comfortable flats to walk around in and he brought some really good choices. My absolute favorites were the Maria Sharapova Cole Haan's that I ended up buying. They're plain looking but they feel like butter on my feet.

I also ended up buy another pair of Halogen flats that are also comfortable but stylish as well.

This California girl is going to learn to walk around New York City in flats and carry her heels in her purse. Now I have to find a bag big enough and a little stylish to carry my heels with me to the city.