Sunday, January 6, 2013

Editing Photos

I got a great shot of a cat yesterday. His name is Little Man. I didn't name him and he's not my cat, but he is a really pretty cat.

Here is the original shot.
Here is the black and white with some curve changes.
I really loved the black and white, but I wanted to keep his yellow eye color. So I used the app ColorSplash which lets you make a photo black and white and bring back the color from the picture.
I was completely happy with that. I posted it on instagram, but you can't really see his yellow eyes in the smaller picture. Either way, I ended up with what I wanted and I was happy with the picture.

Do you have any favorite editing apps or programs?

I was using iPhoto on my mac for a long time, it's really easy to use, but I wanted a little more control, so I got the application Aperture from Apple. It's been fun using it but I feel like it freezes a lot, so I'm thinking about getting Adobe Light Room. I got it for my dad for Christmas and I wanted to check it out next time I go home before I end up buying it. That won't be for a while, maybe Apple will fix Aperture by then.

Happy Editing...keep smiling!

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