Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Desk

I really need a new desk. Mine is small and barely fits my computer on it. Actually it really isn't a desk it's a bistro table that I've been using as a desk. I sit on a very uncomfortable wooden stool and I think it's time for something more comfortable.

I looked on Crate and Barrel and it's just not style. I love the modern look in other people's homes but it's just not for me.

I started looking on Pottery Barn's website and I really like some of the desks that they have. There is a glass desk on sale right now that I like. But I'm wondering if I'm going to wish I had drawers. Although right now I have no drawers, but this was never meant to be a desk.

Pottery Barn also has something called a Project Table, which is similar to the height I have right now, but it has two book cases on both sides, which would be great for storage. However, it's kind of big, not sure I have the room for it.

I'm trying really hard to stear clear of anything black. Of course in the pictures the black looks so beautiful against the cream colored walls and the vast sea of sunlight flooding in. I on the other hand do not have that! Not to mention it's winter and the sun doesn't stay out that long.

I checked out Ashley Furniture, but again, not my style.

Ikea has a lot of stuff, but I'm worried about how long it will last.

I guess I just haven't found something I love yet. I'll keep searching.

What kind of desk do you have?
From my desk to yours....keep smiling!

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