Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Well today was a Lazy Sunday, even though I woke up pretty early and got a picture with the rising sun.
This pampas grass is really pretty. However, I grew up in California where the pampas grass take over and have really sharp stringy leaves. I like these little ones that are more tame. They've been house broken! haha

Anyway, I had myself a lovely cup of Awake Tazo tea. I don't know what it is about tea, but I love the soothing feeling and the aroma of the herbs. I opted for milk and honey in my tea this morning and my boston terrier, Rocky, who just turned 2 years old today, was in love with my tea as well. I had left a little in my cup and walked away and he got up on the coffee table (tea table?) and was lapping it up. Rocky is the reason I know so much about what people food dogs can eat. He loves carrots, apples (don't let them have the seeds), bananas, blue berries and now honey!
His first carrot! What a cute puppy!

Anyway, I have to get to cleaning because I've been slacking. I already cleaned the bathroom, now on to the kitchen. Enjoy your day!

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