Friday, November 30, 2012

Trip Home - Part 1

I have so many pictures from my trip home with my family during Thanksgiving, so I guess I'll share it one day at a time.

Here goes...

The first day I was home I went to a little town called San Juan Bautista. I grew up going here for school because they have a mission there and they also have the San Andreas fault line, which is a very active fault line. I hardly think of this stuff though when I go there because there's not earthquakes every day.
We went to a little diner, nothing special, but I always love breakfast at diners.
Then we walked around town at the local antique shops.
This is me with a little ceramic skunk that I bought. Why did I buy at skunk you ask? I have no clue! haha

At the end of the day I got this gorgeous dusk shot. I love the colors against the purple flower.
At the end of the day I met up with my high school friend and we went to see Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. It was awesome. I definitely recommend seeing it. I would actually go see it again if you need someone to go with? :)

Hope you have a great Friday!!

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