Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flu Season

I had a horrible flu this weekend and continue to have a cough. I'm still not fully recovered.

I recommend everyone check their medicine cabinet to see if you have medicine that hasn't expired. Cold and Flu Medicine, cough drops, tylenol or advil and plenty of klenex on hand! Once the flu hits you will not want to move! Also, you should have plenty of chicken soup and your favorite juice in your pantry!

Don't be caught off guard like I was, it's a pretty bad strain this year. If you haven't had your flu shot, you may want to consider getting it. Flu season has just started.

I'm hoping that because I've been sick twice in the past 2 months that I'll be immune to everything from now on... One can only wish!

I think, ACHOO!,
I have the flu.
I'm sneezing, and ACHOO! ACHOO!
I'm not sure what, ACHOO!, to do.
You say, ACHOO!, don't sneeze on you?
ACHOO! Whoops. Now you've got it too.

--Kenn Nesbitt

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