Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Candy

I've always been a lover of candy canes. I just love them...I especially love the curl of the candy cane. I have no idea why. If I was to share the candy cane with you, I would ask for the curled side.

So in the spirit of loving candy canes, I bought the hershey kisses candy cane chocolates and they are FANTASTIC!
This is my attempt at being all photographerish.
My little Christmas display.
5 Days to Christmas! (5 Golden Rings.....)


  1. You have pretty decoration. I think red plate and gold candy is very match.. Good.

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  2. I'm blog perusing today and I was skimming through your photos when the hershey kisses caught my eye. A lady at my salon was passing them out to the customers and they were so delicious that my daughter went and bought for huge bags of them. I still think we need about ten more. :-)

    1. Oops, I meant "four" not "for."

    2. They really are awesome hershey kisses! I only have a couple left. They are so addicting! Happy New Year!