Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trip Home - Part 4

Mismosas for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. They were fantastic! We also had bagels and lox with capers and red onions, but of course I didn't get a picture of that. They were good too. My mouth is drooling as I remember them!
These are the only pictures I got from Thanksgiving. Cute stuffed turkey on the counter.

The day after we went up to Half Moon Bay and it was another gorgeous day. I seriously got lucky while I was home. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, it rained the first day, but everyday after that was full of sunshine.
Just the start of the day.
My sister is a Nikon girl, but then again we have our things that we're opposite about.
We usually go to San Francisco the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it was my mom's idea to head up the coast to Half Moon Bay.
Highway 1 - Also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, but usually only by SoCal Folks
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
This is my artistic photo. I just loved the way the sun and shade complimented each other along the fence line.
My sister and I got our love of photography from our dad, my mom will just pose for the pictures...sometimes.
I'm completely afraid of heights, so when we went over this giant mountain I could barely look at the beauty that was over the cliff. I did get this picture though, can you see the shaking from my hand in the picture? haha(nervous laugh) Just the thought of it gets my heart racing again.
The reflection was amazing in the Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay.
These pelicans were watching the fisherman fish off the pier...and I was watching the pelicans watch the fisherman.
We went to eat at Sam's Chowder House, which had a great view of the sunset, but they had screwed up our reservation so we had to sit inside. But I went outside as the sun was going down. It was a spectacular end to a fun day or driving up the coast.
A picture of me, I was trying to figure out how to merge these two pictures so I had a focused view behind me, but I wasn't successful and it was taking alot of time. I'll have to try it again for another photo.
Profile Pic of My sister.
And the sky just got better as the sun went down. So beautiful!

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