Monday, December 17, 2012

Trip Home - Part 5

My last day home and it was another fantastically gorgeous day!
My friends and I watched the seals for an hour, seriously. I have no idea why it was so fun to watch seals, but it just was. Something relaxing about watching animals.
This little ocean bird just paddled by.
I really love watching pelicans fly, they just glide. I especially love watching them when they skim the surface of the waves and fly super close to the water.
It was fun watching this otter swim up and down over and over coming up with stuff to snack on. I really need a zoom lens! :)
We walked down to the beach for the sunset. Another gorgeous sunset. I swear I'm so lucky to have seen so many beautiful sunsets!
Just before going down. I thought this was so cool. I love the little last bit before it slips into the ocean.
Moss Landing Smoke Stacks/Power Plant
Sometimes the sky after the sunsets is even better. I love the color changes.
And then I see the pelicans fly into the sunset.

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