Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Snow

Yesterday I knew that it was supposed to snow and I couldn't wait to get my camera out and take pictures.

Here are some of my favorite shots.
Who am I kidding they're all my favorite.
Someone was following me....
I loved the snow on the branches, the contrast was so beautiful.
I took two of the same shot, but have a different focus in each shot and I can't figure out which is my favorite.
I love that I could capture the snow falling.
I loved the pinkish hue from this bush with the snowy cloudy background.
Great Contrast
When the sun was starting to set, not that I could see the sun setting, I went outside for that glowing blueish sky. I absolutely love the coloring from these shots.
Small creek
I couldn't pick between these two droplets shots so I posted both of them.
The neighbor's dog loves to watch me when I'm walking around outside. I think her name is Rosie and she is a sweet heart. Reminds me of my parents' poodle.
Nothing is in focus in this pictures but I loved all the blurring colors for whatever reason.
This shot wasn't really that special, I just loved the bokeh the Christmas lights made. Made me smile.

Overall I was over joyed with the beautiful scenery and the beauty that the snow makes. Most of the snow falls up to this point have melted within a couple hours. Right now this has lasted pretty long.

I had fun walking around like a little kid enjoying the snow today, I stayed outside until my hands were too frozen. I hardly ever wear gloves.

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