Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nail Colors

I went to the store for some new nail colors. I've been looking at all the "in" colors until my hand looked like a rainbow. Some things just did not work for my skin tone, such as yellow and green. I did end up liking a blue color which is what I used for my toes.

I had never used the NARS brand of nail polish and thought it was pretty good. I like when the color is thick so you don't need twenty coats to make the color in the bottle get on your toes. The color is from their Thakoon collection and the color of the polish is Koliary (not easy to remember) it's a cyan blue that's very pretty. I originally thought I wanted the light blue color, Kutki, it's more a cloud blue, very light colored, but opted for more brightness.

Pardon my super white feet that never seem to tan.

This color is my favorite. It just goes with my peaches and cream skin and makes it glow. I was really impressed with this brand as well. As was the same with NARS, I had never used London Butter before and was really impressed. This one could really go on in one swipe. It's a nice light salmon pink that's creamy instead of having shimmer. The name of the color is interesting as well, Trout Pout. I would definitely get another of this brand.

I may go back and get this really pretty glittery nail polish by Deborah Lippmann. I love the way the glitter ones look, but getting the polish off is such a pain in the neck.

What's your favorite summer nail colors? Do you stick with the classic colors or do you like to venture out and try the trends?

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