Thursday, June 7, 2012


So I have yet to post anything in June and the first week is already over, sheesh I'm slacking.

Yesterday I did a little reorganizing of the kitchen and cleaned all the stuff that hadn't been cleaned in a awhile, like the toaster oven. Holey Moley how many crumbs did that thing have. I had my fresh fruit displayed right near the stove which I think was harming the fruit so I moved it away where it can stay cool. I also took stuff off the counters that I never use, more space to put stuff that I do use more frequently. Now if I could only get motivated to do the closet, it's like a stock pile for junk yard pickers in there. It's one of those projects that you hate doing but once things come together and start looking organized and clean it makes you smile to look at. I'll have to remember that.

A couple of cooking shows started this week. I love Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef. I don't know what it is about it. I mean I can't smell or taste the food. I guess I enjoy watching people's technique and what sort of dishes they're making and hopefully maybe I can make them. Sometimes I tend to try the hardest recipes. Which, speaking of recipes, I made this recipe the other day for Mexican Style Shredded Tacos and it was fabulous. ( I did not crisp the corn tortillas and I wish I had or maybe next time I'll get shells or even better some fabulously wonderful thin tortilla chips from the "International Isle." I have to say I LOVE that isle. Coming from California I think I get used to the variety of foods available, but her in New Jersey it's a different variety. A lot more Greek and Italian....NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING!!! <3<3

On another note, I was thinking about having a small herb garden, but I was reading that the herbs need at least 8 hours of sun... This poses a problem for me, the side that does get sun has huge trees in front and the back gets some morning sun and maybe some mid day sun as well and I'm not the type to go hunting around for sun to make sure the little herbsters get their needed sun. I also have a little window sill, but every time I put a plant there it gets knocked down by either a cat or a dog and there's dirt everywhere. It only took me 3 clean-ups to say no more! haha

Well, anyway, not the most exciting post, but had to start somewhere. Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday and have a wonderful weekend, I'm hoping it's full of sun! haha

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