Thursday, June 14, 2012

National Parks

I absolutely LOVE National Parks. Yellowstone has to be my favorite, but it's really hard to have a favorite considering there's the Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Park and Zion and Yosemite and Petrified Forest... Yesh, okay maybe I just love them all!

This is a waterfall we hiked to in Yellowstone.

I've really been in the mood to go to a National Park so I wanted to see what was available near me. Most big National Parks seem to be towards the west coast, but I did find one on the list, Acadia. Acadia is in Maine, which really isn't that close to me, however, it's a lot closer to me now that I live in New Jersey. I have never been to Maine but I've always wanted to go and what a great way to visit by checking out their Parks!

This is a time a camper van would be awesome because stopping along the way or checking out the smaller parks would be awesome, but tenting it is fun cause then you can hear all the scary creatures running around outside. haha My sister freaked me out on one camping trip. On another camping trip we could hear coyotes howling at night. One cool thing about being so far north is having the light of day last forever. I love that about summer time in the northern most states.

Well hopefully this trip will come together and I can get some great pictures to share.

Any National Parks you can think of that you enjoy??

How about National Monuments? Mt Rushmore is an amazing thing to see, it's off the highway quite a ways, but I think it's worth seeing and learning about it.

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