Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gorgeous Sunset

Last night I noticed the sky was an amazing color as the sun was going down. But from where I live I can't actually see the sun setting. I ended up taking the dog for a little walk and never caught the sun, but the sky was still fruitfully colorful. I took a couple pictures and hoped that they came out...its not easy taking pictures with a boston terrier dragging you along. I got back into the house and went directly to the computer to see my results. All it takes is to get one great shot right? The moon shot that I got was pretty good, but I didn't sit there and get a really good close shot because I knew it would be a waste with the dog taking me for a walk, but I still think its some what pretty.
Obviously the sky straight up in the air wasn't as fantastic as the sky that was following the sun around to the other side of the earth. I kept flipping through and there was one shot that I was looking over a small hill that was pretty good.
That orangecicle sky was just delicious.
I know I had walked on further and I know I got the magical shot that I was looking for, because even though the dog was pulling to walk on, I made him stop because I saw it, a beautiful shot that was waiting to be taken.
And there she is, beautiful. At least that's my opinion and maybe it is more beautiful to me because I saw it in person but I knew it was something to be shared. I love those moments that are captured and it lets you relive the way it made you feel. Enjoy.

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