Friday, July 13, 2012

Birds of MN

One thing that's nice on the lake in Minnesota is all the birds that are on the lake. It's fun to just sit on the boat and see what you can see.

I got to see a red cardinal, but that little guy was so fast that I couldn't get a picture. They really are beautiful birds.

The first bird we saw on the lake was a Bald Eagle. When I was growing up I don't ever remember seeing them, but in the last couple of years we've been able to see one around the lake. If I hadn't of noticed this guy fly over the water I probably would never have seen him in the tree.
A heron flew over head, they're really pretty when they're just relaxing in the shallow water. I like how the look like their on stilts. But in the air they're just as pretty.
This year there were tons of Canadian geese. I especially like this picture with the baby geese, goslings, that still have their baby feathers. Canadian Geese on parade.
Lots more Canadian Geese - eh!
A tern sitting on top of a buoy.
And then a family favorite, the Loon. I love their coloring. Growing up they were hard to find, but there were lots of them this year. There must be lots of fish in the lake.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I just realized this year that everyone in my family are crazy bird watching people, haha. Everytime a Loon is in sight they all do the "Loon Call"

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