Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Sunday Blogging

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! I sat and watched the entire opening ceremony and I wish I could be in London. I've been to London once before about 7 years ago and its one of the best family trips that I remember. I watch as the news spans through the city and I recall being there and I just love reliving it. But I'm not loving the Olympics because it's in London, but because I just love hearing people's stories and I love cheering for the USA. But I don't always cheer for USA, sometimes I get caught up in the stories and I cheer for the underdog. I tuned in to the end of the men's 200 km cycling and watching the cyclist from Kazakhstan overtake the lead and sprint to the finish. I guess I just love surprises. I watched the women's indoor volleyball and boy are they powerful. I've always loved volleyball and I especially love the crazy jump serves as well as the hard and fast spikes. It was an awesome game against South Korea. I'm looking forward to the beach volleyball today.

So randomly I have been craving ginger. When I get sushi I absolutely love pickled ginger, I don't even need to put it on top of the sushi, I can just eat it straight. I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought some ginger so I can make a fresh ginger dressing. I bought some rice vinegar as well and I knew I had honey and soy sauce already. I have looked up several dressings and there are lots of different variations, some people add dijon mustard and lemon as well as garlic. I guess I never noticed any of those parts. I know I saw a Rachel Ray episode where she added a touch of the sesame oil to the olive oil to give it a little sesame flavor. I don't know which I will choose, but if it's good I will share it.

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  1. I'm loving the Olympics too, the Opening Ceremony was just fabulous! You should definitely visit London again soon, it's such a beautiful city.

    The lipstick you asked about is Avon, it's called 'Can't resist coral' - hope that helps!

    Lindsey xo