Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Time in the City

I went into the city yesterday and it was beautiful, a little cloudy, but still the temperature was perfect. I got there right before 5 and it was already "rush hour", there were soooo many people!

I was in the Flat Iron District area and there is a Shake Shack there. I had heard that they had good burgers so I had to check it out. I asked the lady in line what she liked here. She said the Shack Burger was good, but everything was good and said she was getting a shake. I decided I would just stick with the signature burger and fries.

I have to say it was really good, everything tasted fresh and since it was such a wonderful day, sitting in the park was a perfect way to enjoy it.

My view of the Empire State Building.

My view of the statue in Madison Square Park, where the Shake Shack was located.

I also took a picture on my walk to my appointment around Gramercy Park. I thought this fence was beautiful and the little yellow flowered vine wrapped around it was so pretty.

I love the flowers in the spring everything looks so pretty, but I can't wait for the leaves on the trees to come out! I love walking out the door and seeing something new bloomed outside. I can see some of the plants coming up in the yard and the leaves on the bushes are starting to come out.

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