Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Time

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. And it was lovely!
I took the dogs to the park and enjoyed some sunshine and they enjoyed some sniffing around and some fetch.

Also my little Coco girl is a sun goddess, she could sit in the sun all day.

My plan was to sit in the park and read my book...but that never happened. Rocky was tired for maybe 30 seconds and then he wanted to play again.

How could I say no to that face though?!

There's a track right near where I was sitting and there were SO MANY PEOPLE walking/running/biking. Everyone was enjoying this wonderful spring day. Even though it's been a mild winter, everyone is excited for weather that means no jackets!

The other day I was in the city and all the bulb flowers are blooming! Here are some daffodils along the street.

My neighbors have some beautiful blooms as well. Hyacinth I believe their called. When I walk by they smell so good. Even the trees are starting to come alive. Loving it!

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