Monday, February 20, 2012

Box of Dog Toys

Back in December I found the website of one of my dog's favorite toys. The good thing about his favorite toy was that he couldn't tear it apart! He's a boston terrier (sometimes terror) and loves to pull apart toys and take the squeaker out.
On the website they were giving away toys to those that entered the contest and I thought I might as well try. Rocky could definitely use some toys that he couldn't destroy. I signed up for the contest and then forgot about it.

Less then a week went by and I got a box and thought nothing of it because it was Christmas time and I thought it was a gift. Then when I actually looked at the box I realize it said Rocky's name on it and I still didn't put two and two together. I open the box and it is FILLED with dog toys. I was so excited! Rocky got a couple toys at first and I have to say he did destroy 1 or 2, but there are some that continue on!

It always excites me when I win things and makes me try again for more contests. You never know if you're going to win! And even if it's not something you need, it could be your best friend's lucky day!

If you want to check out these dog toys the company is

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