Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Instagrams

I love the App Instagram, it's so fun to give effects to pictures I have taken. These are some of my favorite Instagram pictures.
This is in New York near the Flat Iron building and it's called the Met Life Tower. I love the clock on it and the moon was right next to it so I had to get a picture.

This is last summer on a beautiful lake in Minnesota. I spent a lot of summers there and I have to tell you there is nothing better then being on the lake in the summer.

This was taken in Philadelphia when I was visiting my friend. This is a picture of City Hall with a bronze statue of William Penn on top.

These are the trees in the winter near where I live and the sun going down before 5 o'clock.

Statue of Liberty at sunset. I love Lady Liberty, I take a picture of her every time I go to Battery Park.

This was dusk in a parking lot and the sky color was so pretty.

This was down the shore on the board walk, makes me think of fun times on the boardwalk.

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