Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Mornings on the Weekend.

My book is ready to go. I make my coffee with a touch of sugar free hazelnut creamer and sometimes I heat my coffee in the microwave to make it a little hotter.
I like my coffee hot, I can't drink cold coffee, unless of course it is supposed to be an iced coffee! As you can see in the picture I use K cups, it's a newer thing for me. I have to say it's a lot easier for clean up and also just pop it in and it's starting to brew. However, I am a multiple cup of coffee person so if I ever get more counter space I may get a coffee pot. But I think for my birthday I want a french press. Can you tell I like my coffee?? Oh I almost forgot about my cute mug. It's from Salem, Massachusetts...did I spell it right I hope? I went to visit my friend in Rhode Island and we went to Salem for a day. It's a cute little town and it was around Halloween time, but I think that's the type of town where it is kind of Halloweenish all year long, but I'm just guessing. I love to collect mugs from places that I have been.

Another thing on the weekends that I do is I make yummy breakfasts. This is one of my favorites and it reminds me of what my mother makes.
These are from a box and I absolutely love them. Cheese Blintzes with some light sour cream and it's so yummy. I haven't tried any of the other kinds of blintzes because I just can't get over how yummy the cheese blintzes are. These are 80 calories each, I've never seen another brand so I can't comment on them. I find these in the freezer section, if you try them I hope that you like them!

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