Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chicken Piccata

Barefoot Contessa on Food Network has become a new favorite show of mine. I watched a show recently where she made Chicken Piccata with buttermilk mashed potatoes. It looked rather easy...again...they always make it look easy. haha But seriously it wasn't that bad. The lemon, butter and white wine sauce was to die for. Although if you don't like a really strong lemon taste you may not want to use this recipe. The episode was called It's Friday Night Again because, apparently, her and her husband have chicken every Friday night. Isn't that cute? I just remember growing up we would order pizza on Friday nights. It's kind of like a taco Tuesday kind of thing.
It was a great dinner, I probably should have had a green veggie, but I had enough to cook. As soon as I took a bite I knew this is something that I needed to make again...and again...and again.
Fantastical sauce! lemony, buttery goodness!
The only thing I did different is that I cooked the chicken all on the stove top. I couldn't manage turning on the oven because it was a hot day!
The dog loves to play with the cat. Just thought I'd throw this in here. Have a great day.

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