Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It has not been a good morning. I'm in a situation that is very uncomfortable and I can't seem to get out of it. This quote pretty much sums it up.
Fear of what lies ahead can make it tough to let go of a bad relationship, but you must not be afraid to move on and discover how beautiful of a person you really are.
I was going to originally write about being in a bad mood, but I know that it's more then a bad mood. However, I came across this post from Woman's Day that talks about ways to get out of a Bad Mood. The first one is to start a blog because it gives you an outlet to get out your feelings. I thought that was interesting. I try to write about happy things, but today I just couldn't do it. We all have those days that it's just too hard to ignore the stress. It really helps to have your friends and family around. What makes it so hard for me is that I'm 3000 miles from my family. I know I can be strong and I know I can be happy, it's just been a tough day/month.
I know I need to get out from under this cloud and move on, but for some reason I've become paralyzed. Its really hard for me to say that because I've always been such a strong person, but part of change is to tell the truth and make changes. Thanks Dr. Phil, ha. This has to stop and I can stop it.
Nothing like a lolcat to make me smile.

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