Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wedge Season is Approaching!

My favorite shoes to wear in the summer are wedges. Wedges are easier to walk in the heels and they give you height and a nice leg line and they show off your beautifully pedicured toes! I'm looking in magazines and catalogs and all the wedges are staring me in the face. Believe me I have plenty of shoes, what do I need more for? I can look though right? These are the shoes I'm lusting after right now. Seychelles 'How do you do' wedges. I love the color along with the polka dots and the cute T-strap ruffles down the front. I hardly ever wear yellow, but it could go with turquoise, pink, purple, blue...anything really.
I actually really like this brand of wedge. These are the shoes I bought two years ago and they are still in great shape.
They have a similar shoe out this season. I love the pewter color. These are called 'Midas Touch'
I also like these TOMS called 'Cruz'. I have yet to own a pair of these shoes, but I'm really liking these wedges. They look comfortable and fun and give a little bit of height.
And for a more dressy looking wedge I like Ivanka Trump's 'Brisa' wedges. And I also like these Michael Kors 'Vivian' wedges pictured here! There are a little more expensive, but I think they're beautiful.
But for today, I'm wearing my tennis shoes because it's a gloomy first day of April and it's 51 degrees. Hope you don't get April Fooled, on this first day of April!

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