Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rear Window

One of my many favorite old movies is Rear Window with James Stewart and lovely Grace Kelly. It's an Alfred Hitchcock movie that takes place in New York and James Stewart's character is a photographer that broke his leg during a dangerous assignment and now he's stuck in his apartment. During a heat wave he starts to watch all his neighbors through his rear window that over looks a courtyard, giving some funny nicknames like Miss Lonely Hearts and Miss Torso. He then notices that one of the salesman's bedridden wife has disappeared during the night and he has suspicion that he's killed his wife.
I have to admit I have not seen any other Alfred Hitchcock movies, but I just love this movie. They did a somewhat remake of this movie called Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf. I just recently saw this movie even though it came out in 2007. I thought this movie was great, it wasn't a copycat of Rear Window, which I liked about the movie, because, to me, nothing can match the original.

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